Saturday, December 31, 2011


''I miss you. Hey, i miss you so much, bloggie! Don't you miss me?'' *Short Drama* 

Assalamualaikum to my dearest readers.

Actually, that drama was absolutely correct. I do miss to blogging and i really  wanna post something but twitter won't let me do that. I was like so addict to it. It's like drug to me, now. Sehari tak online, macam tak sah. Macam dunia ini tak lengkap tanpa twitter. This is serious and damn, it's was not cool at all. Yah, because i'm a student and what should i do is study and do some revision on this school holidays. I should be prepare for next year because i'm going to face a battle and it was SPM examination. Me, SPM candidates and i'm so proud of it. Pfttt, not really. 

I'm so stress right now. I really need someone to cheer me up and when there's nobody going to be my listener so, i ran to twitter and it works. But nehh, twitter is not really that good because it was just wasting my time but on the positive site, it can cheer me up and i'm enjoy tweeting because i can express my feelings freely without nobody cares. Eh, yeke? haha, whatever. 

I'm so lifeless on this school holidays and i hate that. First day of school holidays and my activities was tweeting, reading novels, eating, sleeping, watching television, cleaning up the house, playing badminton, chatting with my mom and my brother, a quarrel with my little sister and oh, don't worry. Sekejap je then baik balik. Perang kecil-kecilan and tak sampai tarik-tarik rambut pun sebab kami berdua masih belum masuk tahap orang gila lagi. Haha gaduh adik-beradik so biasa lettew. Anyway, all of this things happened to me and it repeat over and over again until today. Em, what can i do? Nothing and yah '' Life must go on, however it is''. Sigh.

Em' forget about that because school holidays is going to be ended. Alamak! To be honest, i'm still not buying my school uniforms,school bag, shoes and all of other stuff for school. Insane, hah? Last minutes, shopping.Yah, me! hoho. Anyway, who's with me? Jom pergi shopping sama-sama, nak tak? Anyone? *cricket sounds* Okay, fine.

Anyway, i'm almost forgot! Today was the last day of the year, 2011. Goodbye 2011 and Hello 2012. I'm gonna miss you so much and thanks for them, who had made me smile and also cry. All of you are gonna be my sweet memories. Trust me. haha. Em' about my ''Azam 2012'', I'm just hoping that there will be no more crush, no more lovey dovey and everything that has to do with LOVE because i'm done with it. Apa kelas couple sekarang, nanti dah masuk U lah baru syok. Eh, betul lah kan? haha. Sedar tak sedar, dah panjang melebar pulak post kali ni. Cuba kalau essay, jangan harap! Okay, that's all for today's post and i'm going to sleep now. Bye.

Love, Lysha.

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