Friday, February 3, 2012

Amma bee now

This is how i looked like. Nice huh? Pfttt.

Assalamualaikum to all my dearest readers.

''Haaaachummmmmmm..... '' Err, pardon me people. I'm just feel not very well. I had a fever, cold and cough. All three in one. Nevermind because sakit itu tanda kasih sayang Allah, right.

''Redhalah dengan ujian yang kecil ini kerana ia adalah hadiah dan cinta daripada Allah.''

Em' my tittle is a little bit weird today,' Amma bee now '. Don't get me wrong, okay. I'm still a human and not a bee. Haha hambar. Actually, Its just that starting this year i get so busy like a bee. I'm not lying and this is true because i'm getting exhausted now. Yah, this is what people called ''lumrah kehidupan seorang pelajar''. You know what, everyday is a busy day for me accept weekends. There is a lots of work to do such as homework (of course), art folio, ERT courses work, curriculum and tuition. Tuition? New things for me because its had been awhile since i'm had left this, tuition thingy. Em' not really awhile because i had left it for about 7 years ago. That's mean i haven't gone to any tuition center since standard four until last year, form four. haha. Nice number huh. Anyway, i'm not regret getting into Berlian tuition center because the teacher is great, the class is nice, new friends and i'm having fun learning there. That's important right? Yupp! 

Crush. I have told you before that there will be no more lovey dovey things for this year. ''Do you still like him?'' ''Who is you new crush?'' Can you please stop asking me that questions, people. If only that i have one, he maybe will be my future husband then. Eh memandai jea, haha. Who knows, right. So, please understand me okay. This is the last one i'm telling you. Me, no more like Mr.Idiot okay. I just wanna be friend with him now and not more than that.  Not only him but everyone. Clear? Good then. 

Aina Syamimi. You know what aina, lysha terharu sangat lepas baca your blog post, tittle 'Elysha Norazri'. That's me, yah me. Anyway, thanks aina. Thanks for being my friends and also a great listener. You know what, to be honest, i'm happy whenever you around me. I'm glad that i have you as my friend. I love you soo much, aina. I will never forget you, never. Trust me.

Before i forgot, i wanna wish Happy New Year 2012 and Happy Chinese New Year to all of you. I know it's to late for that now but who cares. haha. I just wanna tell you that i will be rarely online starting this month. Thanks for those who following or even unfollowed me at twitter. I really appreciate it. Alright, that's all for today's post. I'm gonna miss you and see yaa soon. Bye.
Love, Lysha.


  1. as salam.teruskan menulis.good luck fr SPM.fightinggg.:)

  2. Waailaikumsalam. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the support. Em' don't worry because i will never stop writing. Insyaallah. Have a great day :)