Sunday, June 17, 2012


Bismillahirrahmanirrahim ... Assalamua'laikum warahmatullah muslims.

*Fuhh Fuhh, tiup habuk* Haha, okay. It's been awhile since am updating my post, don't i? Em, do you miss me? I know you don't. Well, my blog is not really awesome and cool like others because am not the type of person that use to sit in front of their computer or laptop for 24/7. I've got a lot of other important things to do than wasting my time to blogging. However, today am gonna spend that precious time for this post, so that you won't be missing me. Whatever Lysha. Perasan kan? Haha.

Anyway, today i would like to share something that is meaningful to me. I feel very grateful that i met them and thanks to my mum, because if it wasn't her who sent me into Berlian Tuition Center, they might not even exist in my life. Em' maybe but as a stranger and not friends. Close friends, actually. I don't know what they think about  our friendship but i really hope that they feel the same. I believe that this is the fate and destiny that has been determined by Allah. Thanks to HIM. 

Anyway, who are they that am talking about? This. This five silly person, that always make me smile on whatever they do. The first one is my cute little sister, Amira Farhanah. Second, hitam manis but cute as well, Adibah Kashful. Third, The Hulk but sometimes, he looks like goofy together with his big eyes, Shahrin Akmal. Fourth, Imran Hakim as Mat Bangla ( He is the one that called himself, Mat Bangla not me) and also known as Ustaz Imran Hakim and last but not least my new tuition mate, Aniss Nabilah. She is fulled of spirits and even i've just met her for 3 days ago but i feel close to her. Em' actually, they are many other tuition mate in my class such as Akid the one that use to called him doreamon, Daniel the silencer, Haikal that i use to called him Apek and Farhan the professor but those five that i mention before is the closest one in the class, i think. Haha. They are totally crazy, clumsy, innocence, joker, full sense of humor but in the same time they're also care about each other, sharing story, experience, cry and especially LAUGH! Haha. No one can resist that even Cikgu Zul. 

You know what, when I get there, it's like another whole new world for me. Am totally different there. Am really on going, talkative, friendly, and most of other things that i don't do at school or even home. They make me do that. They bring out someone other than i use to be. Okay, I know the reason why my mum send me there and it is actually to learn more and have a good results for SPM examination but also, i've found and met someone that can cheer me up and make me laugh, cry without any reason. Those five, yes they are. Am glad that i have met them and guys, thanks for making my day. Even we're just met every Wednesday and Thursday but it's like i have known you guys for a long time ago. Serious. I hope that all five of you, feel the same as me. Everything that i shared and whatever i do, please don't take it hard, okay? Please forgive me, if there anything wrong that i do to you because who knows that i might hurt your heart. Well, people are not perfect and same goes to me. So, please forgive me. Thanks for sharing you happiness, sadness and craziness with me. I'll pray so that we'll continue this relationship and keep it connected until forever. InsyaAllah. Okay, that's all for today's post. Kalau dipanjangkan umur lysha, kita jumpa lagi dalam next post. Insyaallah. See you soon. Assalamualaikum and may Allah bless you. Bye.

P/s : Kalau ada masa, nanti lysha share photo mereka-mereka ni yea.
Love, Lysha.

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