Monday, March 4, 2013

The Blues.

From the left : Lucas Piazon, Nathan Ake and David Luiz. #Chelsea

Bismillahirrahmannirrahim ... Assalamua'laikum warahmatullah muslims.

*Fuhhhh Fuhhh* What? Am just cleaning up my dusty blog. I miss you. Pardon me but am talking to my bloggy and not you. Haha, just kidding. Yes, am kinda miss blogging but too busy to write anything. I know that its been too long since the last time am updating my blog and now i need to squeeze out my time for it. So tonight, am gonna spend my time with you, bloggy. Happy now? Haha.

Actually, I am so worry about my spm results right now. Yupp, it just around the corner and those feelings, its killing me. Since spm result will be out soon, all we can do now is tawakal and not to forget, the most important thing is du'a. So, be prepare to all 95's because 21st March 2013 is the day whether we're going to be happy or sad. For your information, right now am actually acting like i was okay with it but only Allah knows how my feeling is. Those thingy, i mean spm result is like always stuck in my mind. Especially on this time. Ya Allah, please give us good results and i seek for your forgiveness. Please, give me the strength to face this. Amin. So for the 95's, good luck and i really hope that our spm results is gonna come out with flying colours. InsyaAllah, Amin.

Let's forget about spm results for awhile because i would like to tell you a secret. Please be curious. Haha. Well the secret is, right now am madly fall in love with someone. Is that a secret? Yeah, for me. Haha. Its kinda weird but i've fall for his, of course cuteness, awesomeness, handsomeness and machoness? haha. Actually, everyone knows him. Yes, he is a very talented guy and he's absolutely perfect to me accept he's not a muslim but oh well, its not like i wanna marry him. Actually, he's playing for Malaga right now. I mean Chelsea sending him on loan to Malaga. So that's mean he's still in Chelsea, okay. Chelsea? Malaga? Kantoi! Okay, i madly fall in love with Lucas Piazon right now. Yeah, he's my one and only sayang. Sweeeet! He's so talented, awesome, cool,  young, handsome, cute, pretty? Haha, just kidding. I know that he's the one that will never ever leave me. Like syed said, '' imaginary boyfriend ''. Grr who cares and just please, be jealous. Haha. I know this is kinda annoying and yeah, i can feel it too but like who cares, this is me! But before i start continue talking more about him, hold on a second. I can sense something wrong here. Hm, i think i know that maybe some of you must have been thinking negatively about why i really adore Lucas Piazon. 

For your information, am supporting Chelsea not just because of Lucas Piazon and if you has ever been thinking like that, you're absolutely wrong. I've been supporting Chelsea since i was 12 years old until now. On that time, i was following my dad and my brother who really loves football. Memang makan bola, tidur bola, main bola, suka bola, mandi bola? No, haha. I don't know why, but i think i love football since i've started watching FIFA but unfortunately,  i was the only one who still loves football and supporting Chelsea until now since my father has been busy reading all about the politic news and his work, yeah of course and my brother who's not into football thingy anymore. He's more into his girlfriend now. Hm .. So, yes i'm all alone here and watching football by myself but still, am happy to have a lots of twitter friends who always supporting Chelsea, just like me. Thanks guys! Keep support and believe in Chelsea. No matter what happen am still forever the blues. #CFC #KTBFFH! So, am not into Chelsea because of Lucas Piazon but instead, am into Lucas Piazon because of Chelsea. Yes, i love Chelsea and Lucas Piazon too. That's it, you've already know my secret now So, keep it shut okay. Haha, am just kidding. To my dear Lucas Piazon, stay healty and i miss to see you again wearing those Chelsea jersey and to see you again on Stamford Bridge field. Hm, take care sayang. Haha. Oh don't forget, pray for Lahad Datu. Hope that everything will just gonna be fine soon. So, i think that's all for today's post. So, goodbye. May Allah bless you.

“Rules for Happiness: something to do, someone to love, something to hope for.”

Love, Lysha.

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